‘Science Is Proving Some Memories Are Passed Down From Our Ancestors’

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(A Vocabulary Expansion Session from The Safe House)

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You could take a closer look at the words in the title first, though …

• Science?
• Proving?
• Memories?
• Passed down?
• Ancestors?

What do they mean?

Do you know them in other languages?

What ‘type ‘ of words are they?

·         Science Noun Oo
·         Proving Present participle
·         Memories Noun (plural)
Oo (!) / Ooo
·         Passed down Phrasal verb
·         Ancestors Noun (plural)

What other words can you create that link to these?

Are there any examples in the text?

Complete this table:

Oo oO Ooo oOo ooO
Science (n)proving (PP)

memories (n/pl)



passed down (Ph v)
Scientist (n)Ancestors (n/pl)



Oooo oOoo ooOo oooO  
    Scientific (adj)    
Ooooo oOooo ooOoo oooOo ooooO
    Scientifically (adv)