Knowledge Is Power (1)

“Knowledge is Power” (1)

fishIpsa Scientia Potestas est.” Francis Bacon

btec quick fixAt The Safe House, we have learned that people have great skills, tons of knowledge and all sorts of useful and beautiful personal qualities.

We believe, though, that sometimes we need more and better knowledge about all sorts of random stuff to make the most of our skills and our personal qualities.

For example, just think how much time you save every day because you know your mobile phone number off by heart. Just imagine how stressful it would be if you didn’t know the single password you use to unlock all the accounts on your phone, tablet or computer. You do know your own phone number, don’t you? You do remember your password for everything you need, don’t you?

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‘Is he being sarcastic?’ ‘Can’t tell.’

Just having these two bits of knowledge (phone number and password) can give you the energy and the confidence to focus on more important stuff. Whatever that might be.

Try this out (If you don’t go to school or college, then you will have to think carefully about how you could answer some of these questions. Remember, though, that there is always a possible answer):

  • Take a used cereal packet and tear it into rectangles. Choose the biggest rectangle and look at the grey side.
  • Get a good quality felt tip pen. Test it by writing the date in the top right hand corner.
  • If the pen’s OK, sit at a table or get something to lean on. If not, get a different pen and then sit at a table or get something to lean on.
  • Answer the questions below briefly. Write clearly.
  • When you have filled up the rectangle of cereal packet, choose another rectangle.
  • Keep going for as long as you can. If necessary, get another cereal packet.*
  • When you have answered as many questions as you can, stop and put your writing somewhere safe.
  • Leave it for a while (minimum about half an hour, maximum 24 hours (?)) before you read it again.
  • Take the pen, sit at a table, or get something to lean on, and read your answers again. Add, change, delete as you like.
  • Give yourself a score out of 40 for how many of the answers you got ‘correct’.** Write this score on the card. Put it somewhere safe.

The Questions Below

  1. arrowWhat’s your name?
  2. What’s your postcode?
  3. What’s the full name of your school or college?
  4. What’s the phone number of your school or college?
  5. What’s the full title of your main course at school or college?
  6. How old are you?
  7. What level is your main course at school or college?
  8. How well are you doing on your main course at school or college?
  9. What is your highest level English Language qualification so far?
  10. What is your highest level Maths qualification so far?
  11. Will you have the chance to change your answers to the last two questions in the near future?
  12. Do you need to?
  13. Why? Why not?
  14. Are you intelligent?
  15. Are you kind?
  16. Do you really know why your teachers complain if you’re late?
  17. What is your ultimate life ambition?
  18. Have you got homework or an assignment to do?
  19. Do you know when the deadline is?
  20. Do you know how long, in hours and minutes, it will take you to get it done?
  21. Can you do it by yourself?
  22. Are you a patient person?
  23. Are you an open-minded person?
  24. Are you a disciplined person?
  25. Are you a calm person?
  26. Are you an organised person?
  27. Are you a creative person?
  28. Are you an inquisitive person?
  29. Are you a motivated person?
  30. Did you answer ‘no’ to any of the last nine questions and wish you could honestly say ‘yes’?
  31. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
  32. What hospital were you born in?
  33. Is there life after death?
  34. Is there anything you can do about your answer to question 30?
  35. What does ‘parsing’ mean?
  36. Can you think of any way in which parsing might be a useful thing to do?
  37. Who is your favourite person in the whole world, alive or dead?
  38. Which location in the whole world is most important to you?
  39. What is your favourite word?
  40. If you could add any question to this list, what would it be?

imageAt The Safe House, we believe that the more knowledge we have and the more we know about what we need to know, the better equipped we will be. For anything, really.

We also think that the higher your score for the above session, the better!

Look out for The Illusion Sessions – Knowledge is Power (2). Don’t forget where you put your cereal packets!
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 * It is useful to save cereal packets and other pieces of card. It is also useful to have rectangles ready torn up to use whenever you feel like it. You could, of course, use a notebook, a notepad or just some paper instead, but we quite like the idea of collecting cardboard for some reason …

** Q: How will I know if my answer is ‘correct’? A: Only you will know the answer to that!

Session series: The Illusion Learning Sessions, Session no: 01, Session name: Knowledge is Power (1), Reading time: 5 minutes (approximately), Participation time: 2 x 15 minutes (minimum, approximately). What’s the session for? To remind us that the more we learn to know what we need to know, the better things will be. Practical application?  Well, it’s amazing how much difference it makes, for example, if you KNOW when the deadline is! Warning: All timings and instructions are flexible. Be careful what you do!

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