Who are The Safe House Sessions for?

Teacher Development Workshop Sessions – 2015-16

The following sessions for teachers are available for delivery now ..

1      Active, Intelligent and Meaningful (AIM) Reading in English

This session will make you more confident in selecting and creating accessible texts and using stimulating activities to support learners to develop English language reading skills across all subject areas.

In this session you will

  • learn active strategies for dealing with texts in the classroom.
  • develop subject specific resources for your own teaching.
  • understand the reasons why your students find reading difficult.
  • learn how to assess the ‘readability’ of texts for your students (topic, length, language, etc).
  • understand how embedding language skills development into subject learning is useful.
  • receive free resource templates to create specific classroom reading activities.

Duration: 3 hours
Format: Guided activities investigating the processes involved in accessing, reading and understanding English language texts.  Using models and templates, participants will collaborate and develop activities and resources for use in all learning environments.
Participants: This session is for teachers of all subjects who want to develop their skills in supporting learners to access English language texts in arts, sciences, social sciences, humanities and other curriculum subject areas.

2    Vocabulary Expansion and Development

Using cross-curriculum subject-specific texts and other resources, you will learn and develop a number of different strategies and activities to support students in learning new vocabulary in a bi-lingual or multi-lingual environment.

In this session you will

  • learn active strategies for vocabulary learning skills and lexical expansion.
  • develop subject specific resources for your own teaching.
  • select subject specific resources to actively direct students’ vocabulary learning.
  • understand the important elements of English language vocabulary learning (spelling, pronunciation, organisation of lexical sets, etc).
  • receive free resource templates to create specific vocabulary development activities.

Duration: 3 hours
Format:  A review of vocabulary learning strategies and activities adaptable to chosen specific students and subject areas. Using models and templates, participants will develop resources and activities to support learners’ vocabulary learning and lexical expansion.
Participants: This session is for teachers of all subjects who want to support students in accessing and developing the lexical skills required to thrive in a multi-lingual or bi-lingual learning environment.

3     Ten pedagogies .. or more? Active Reflection on Teaching and Learning

Differentiation, co-operative learning, modelling, experiential learning, assessment for learning, embedding language and literacy, e-learning and technology, theory versus practice, learning conversations, multi-sensory learning .. ? This session will support you in actively reflecting on your own practice for personal and professional learning and development.

In this session you will

  • learn to recognise a range of pedagogic styles and their uses.
  • recognise your own preferred styles and develop strategies to expand your repertoire.
  • develop a plan to increase confidence in adopting teaching and learning strategies and activities that are appropriate to the specific needs of your learners.

Duration: 3 hours

Format: This is an active session where teachers will reflect on and assess their own classroom practice and, in collaboration with other teachers, develop resources and activities to use in the classroom to enhance the learning and teaching experience for all.
Participants: This session is for teachers of all subjects. Participants need to be willing to reflect critically on their own practice and be interested in developing new strategies to support their students’ learning and development.

Sessions facilitated by

Michael Lynch, teacher, trainer, tutor, mentor, coach, assessor, examiner and, of course, learner who has practised for over 25 years with a range of organisations in diverse bi-lingual and multi-lingual settings in the UK, Europe and Central and South America. He specialises in the practice of integrating language and literacy support for learners and teachers into curriculum areas. His experience and practice focuses on creating learner-centred and learner-empowering bi-lingual and multi-lingual environments using communication and collaboration to support the acquisition and development of personal qualities, skills and knowledge for personal development and success in external qualifications. Michael’s goal is to facilitate alternative learning experiences through innovative guided sessions that support participants to achieve their personal, learning and professional goals.

Other sessions available from This IS The Safe House:

Dealing with Writing

Practical strategies and activities to support planning, drafting, paragraphing, spelling, punctuation, grammar and proof-reading for improved writing at all levels and for all purposes.

Speaking Out Loud

Creative and inspirational activities to encourage students to practice and develop listening, understanding and communication skills.

The Language of Assessed Writing

A review and analysis of the types of language students need to complete assessed writing tasks including analysis of grammatical constructions for writing evaluations, describing processes, writing about the past, writing about the future, using more accurate grammar, etc.

Active Skills for Creative Learning

A series of short, active physical activities to support learning and skills development (physical movement activities, ball games, juggling, mindfulness training and reflective skills development)

The Great Apostrophe Mystery

Why your dog’s wagging its tail and other stories related to the most misunderstood punctuation mark in English.

Bespoke sessions or series of sessions are available on all aspects of language, literacy and skills development teaching and learning across the curriculum.

info@thisisthesafehouse.com or  +44 (0)7341 821 917