What are The Flash Fiction Writing Sessions?

Welcome to The Safe House Flash Fiction Writing Sessions.

The Flash Fiction Writing Sessions are exercises for writing skills development.

“The Safe House Flash Fiction Writing Sessions encourage the expression of individual visions in individual ways through learning, bending and then, if necessary, breaking the rules and surviving to write the story.”

At The Safe House, flash fiction means short bursts of creative writing, although we do not say that you can’t put these bursts of energy together and create something bigger, so the Flash Fiction Sessions are about all sorts of writing.

Through the Flash Fiction Writing Sessions you will:

  • practise creating writing that will sustain our attention through your use of language, imagery and metaphor.
  • become more confident in making your own choices of language, perspective, style, technique and poetry to create characters with distinctive voices that we will love, admire, hate and fear.
  • develop technical control of sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, grammatical agreement, use of verb tenses and other forms of expressing time, space and energy.
  • explore styles; critique, share and engage with feedback.

Fiction / non-fiction .. Can we always tell? Surely, everything is defined by culture, context, content, style and technique so that boundaries across realities become blurred. Writing can be based in truth or invention or a mixture of both.

Prose .. novel, short story, article, column, review, editorial, biography, autobiography, memoir, journal, diary, letter, e-mail, blog post, tweet, text message..

Poetry .. sonnet, ode, sestina, song, with rhyme and stanzas or in free verse, short or long; to be spoken loud to an audience or kept quietly in your head ..

Form .. book, pamphlet, webpage, script, screenplay, radio play, even a pitch; writing in all sorts of shapes and sizes ..

Medium .. on the page, through performance, in a theatre, in the street, in your own bedroom in front of the mirror, on the small screen or big, on the radio, via digital media, web content, graffiti ..

Purpose .. No writer’s true intention is to bore the reader, is it? There are so many better reasons why you, the writer, might want to manipulate your reader. Usually, you will have more than one purpose for writing, and different parts of your writing will have different purposes. It’s quite complex, but really quite obvious, if you think about it carefully enough ..

Audience .. only you, best mate, brother, mother, one or more; the whole wide world, those chosen few, the boy next door. Anyone who has a minute, someone who’ll take time to appreciate the words you’ve used and the meaning you hoped to create ..

Process .. getting in the mood, developing habits, routines, procedures, researching, drafting, re-drafting, reading, re-reading, editing, re-editing, presentation and the aesthetics of writing, dealing with feedback and criticism. And then doing it all over again ..

The Flash Fiction Writing Sessions ..

“The sessions are quite complex sometimes and should be dealt with over an appropriate period of time. As a general rule, the more time spent the better but, as always, it is about quality not quantity!”

If you are good at paying attention to this sort of thing, you can probably do the sessions by yourself. You will need to be disciplined, though!

Or you could get in touch with us at The Safe House and we will support you through the sessions. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page if you would like information about this.

Go here for Flash Fiction Writing Session No. 1.

For more information, complete the form below:


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