Young People’s Advocacy Scheme


Don’t let it come to this ..

The Safe House Young People’s Advocacy Scheme helps young people to access the learning and employment support they need and are entitled to.

For (un) employment and job seeking needs, we support young people to:

  • sign on, fulfil requirements and access appropriate Job Centre funding and support.
  • search and research appropriate opportunities.
  • plan a job-hunting strategy.
  • write a personalised and focused CV, statement or letter.
  • apply and pass assessment tests.
  • do well at interview.
  • start the job well.

We can also advocate on behalf of young people by accompanying them at Job Centre interviews.

For learning and skills development, we advise on and support applications for school, college and university as well as other training, intern or apprenticeship schemes.

At The Safe House, we are expert at supporting young people to:

  • research appropriate programmes, institutions and organisations.
  • apply successfully with timely, accurate and appropriately completed application forms and other documentation.
  • prepare, practise and impress at interview.
  • get ready for learning and start the course well.

italian dog logoIf you are interested in participating in this scheme, either as a client or advocate, or both (!), or if you would like to discuss supporting the Young People’s Advocacy Scheme, just fill in the form below and we will get back to you with details of how to be involved in this part of the work of The Safe House.

This IS The Safe House 

“We can take you to a better place.”


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