Useful, we s’pose. Use these good and you’ll get better marks ..

type of linker examples broad meaning example
cause and effect because, so,  accordingly, thus, consequently, hence, therefore, as introduces a reason and shows result We had to eat it because, it was all we had.
comparison similarly, likewise, whereas, but, on the other hand, except, by comparison, when compared to, equally, in the same way identifies similarities between two ideas similarly, .
contrast but, however, yet, still, even though, nevertheless, on the other hand, otherwise, after all, for all of that, on the contrary, notwithstanding, in contrast, unlike,  whereas, instead of, alternatively, although identifies differences between two ideas Raj did not perform well in the exam; nevertheless, he got a distinction in English.
time at once, immediately, meanwhile, at length, in the meantime, at the same time, in the end, when, then, as, before that, after that indicates time and frequency of events The bell rang and the students left immediately.
addition and, also, even, again, moreover, further, furthermore,  similarly, in addition, as well as adds ideas in support of the main idea It is very hot today; moreover, there is a power outage.
example for example, such as, for instance,  in this case, in another case, on this occasion, in this situation,  in this manner, to illustrate introduces  illustrations in support of the main idea I think he is very rich; for example, he gave a hundred rupee note to a beggar. 
sequence first, second, third, next, then, following, now, at this point, after, after this, subsequently, eventually, finally, previously shows the importance of the ideas by listing according to the priority
summary in brief, on the whole, in sum, to sum up, thus draws conclusion by summarizing the ideas It is a love story, the actors performed well, the direction is excellent, the settings are beautiful; in brief, it is a good film.

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