The Illusion Learning Sessions

jugglerThe Illusion Learning Sessions encourage participants to assess the situation, plan action and start getting things done. 

Activities in the sessions lead participants on a journey of self-discovery and personal reflection in preparation for learning.

Through the Illusion Learning Sessions, participants acquire and develop skills, knowledge and personal qualities to tackle the challenges of learning, work and life.

The Illusion Learning Sessions can be done randomly or strategically. Ideally, they will be accessed in conjunction with other learning so that the content of this learning can be applied to the activities in the Illusion Learning Sessions.

Click the links to access summaries and sample sessions.

Knowledge is Power (1)
Knowledge is Power (2)
The Elephant Sessions
The Edson Erantes do Nascimento Sessions

For information on how to access real life sessions fill in the form below:

This IS The Safe House –  “We can take you to a better place.”



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