Knowledge is Power (2)

realGiacometti Man / Giacometti Woman

Take a cereal packet rectangle.*

Draw the Giacometti (Wo)man in the middle of the rectangle.giacometti man

Write the words in bold below in the spaces around your Giacometti (Wo)man.

Write a sentence near to the word in response to these prompts:

  1. A dream that you have …
  2. Something you’d like to be good at, but find difficult …
  3. Something you want to see before you die
  4. The most important person in your life …
  5. Something you can do well …
  6. Something you really dislike
  7. The furthest place you’ve been to …

And so, you are invited to reflect on your conscious and your unconscious, your skills, your hopes, your past, your present and your future. You don’t need to go into any great detail right now. This session is about starting to think about who you are, where you’re going and the knowledge, skills and qualities you already have, want to acquire or want to develop.

Look out for The Illusion Learning Sessions – Knowledge is Power (1).

Follow The Safe House for your direct link to regularly posted sessions.

*  These are the instructions for creating a cereal packet rectangle:

  • Take a used cereal packet and tear it into rectangles. Choose the biggest rectangle and look at the grey side.
  • Get a good quality felt tip pen. Test it by writing the date in the top right hand corner.
  • If the pen’s OK, sit at a table or get something to lean on. If not, get a different pen and then sit at a table or get something to lean on.
  • Answer the questions below briefly. Write clearly.
  • When you have filled up the rectangle of cereal packet, choose another rectangle.
  • Keep going for as long as you can.
  • If necessary, get another cereal packet.*

It is useful to save cereal packets and other pieces of card. It is also useful to have rectangles ready torn up to use whenever you feel like it. You could, of course, use a notebook, a notepad or just some paper instead, but we quite like the idea of collecting cardboard for some reason …

Session series: The Illusion Learning Sessions, Session no: 02, Session name: Knowledge is Power (2), Reading time: 5 minutes (approximately), Participation time: 2 x 15 minutes (minimum, approximately). What’s the session for? To help us to start thinking about our personality and how to make it happy and good.  Practical application?  If you know yourself you have the power of reflection. From reflection comes evaluation and then, through purposeful action, comes change and development.   Warning: All timings and instructions are flexible. Relax! ‘It’ll be OK in the end. And, if it’s not OK, it isn’t the end.’

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