The Elephant Sessions

the elephant“How many legs has an elephant?” “Weird question.” “Weird word.” “What, elephant?” “No.” “Legs?” “No, Weird.” “Oh, why?”
These sessions will continue this conversation and delve into lots of stuff related to ways of seeing, how to understand another person’s point of view and act and react proactively and positively to this.
If you, or someone you know, sometimes get(s) frustrated with the results of engagements with others, these sessions could help.
Issues relating to the requirements of institutional education such as attendance and punctuality can be covered in these sessions along with a whole range of other topics such as the ‘beauty’ of punctuation, the use of the word ‘got’ and the unpredictable nature of English spelling.
As always, the sessions may be short, probably about 30 minutes minimum, but we could also expand with you and the sessions could take much longer. They have been known to last several weeks!
For more information and to book these sessions get in touch.

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