The Edson Erantes do Nascimento Sessions

“Practice is all.”

pele bicycle kickSo said Edson Erantes do Nascimento.

Was he right?

Is practice an absolute requirement for success? Well, we don’t know but we have found that, if we do things more than once and concentrate on the bits of doing it,  we seem to get better at the thing it is that we’re trying to do. No matter what it is.

The Edson Erantes do Nascimento Sessions (let’s call them the Pele Sessions) focus on getting organised and adopting a systematic approach to learning.

These sessions are about organising your folder, your bag or your time so that you are in a position where you will be able to perform more efficiently.

They will also help you to minimise all those sarcastic comments that teachers and tutors make when they observe your apparent lack of organisation and comment on how it will affect your ability to progress.

If you, or someone you know could benefit from sessions of this kind, get in touch.

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